September 7, 2014

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June 18, 2014


I don’t understand these people who get angry when someone wears their traditional dress or speaks their native language, diversity of culture and language is one of the most beautiful things we have, if you can’t appreciate and enjoy it then something inside you has broken

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May 29, 2014

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November 12, 2013

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September 11, 2013




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August 3, 2013


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August 1, 2013

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July 29, 2013


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July 17, 2013


A regular day in TUMBLR (original gifs from nitehawkcinema)

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June 11, 2013
"Everyones saying Sony just killed Microsoft, which is wrong
Microsoft killed themselves
Sony just came and threw a mad laser show on their grave"

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February 1, 2013
Everyone: Are you okay
Everyone: You look tired
Everyone: You look upset
Everyone: You look confused
Everyone: Are you mad at me
Everyone: What are you mad at
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December 3, 2012


when you can tell you’re becoming increasingly less important to someone

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May 20, 2012
What race are you?
black people: black
white people: 2% Greek, 9.1% German, .0000032% Russian, 92% Irish, 49% French, 100% blue eyed devil
hispanic people: not Mexican
asian people: not Chinese
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March 23, 2012
While carpooling
Other people: Yay! Talking buddy!
Me: Shut up. Shut up. Shut up.
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March 2, 2012

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